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Google analytics is the most popular website analytic tool in the world today. But most webmaster struggle to find actionable intel from their google analytics account. I want to change that, I have lately been looking into the possibilities of build my own dashboard (created from my needs), but based on google analytics data.

Google Charts, are chart that originally could be used in Google Spreadsheets found in the Google docs, but now its possible to use such charts elsewhere. We can even puch data on fly from our google account, making these a powerful opportunity for dashboards.

Overview of Google Chart types:

The power of google chart:

Set and forget! The most powerful feature of google charts is their ability to update on the fly, imagine creating a chart one, and then your set. The chart will automatically pull data from your source and update it self. Making the data (and the insight easily available and ready for your use)

Overview of Chart controls:

Lets put these together and create some dashboards that can query data on the fly.

Here are a few Google Chart Dashboard that takes examples:

  • -> or see code her

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